About us

Sonia López  
Spanish, Italian, German

The German and Romance language graduate is originally from Spain but spent several years in Switzerland as a child, where she developed a relationship to the German language at a very young age. When her studies later brought her to Germany, she realised she had found her new homeland. She has spent the last ten years living in Düsseldorf, where she works as a translator for Spanish, Italian and German. As well as her love for languages, she is passionate about all kinds of culture, cinema and literature. 

Lena Flemmig  
German, Spanish, English

The English and Spanish literary translator lives in Berlin, but the country where her heart really lies is Spain, and she visits as often as she can. She loves reading foreign-language literature and watching subtitled foreign films, and having worked as a subtitler herself for the past few years, she knows why the subtitle never contains the exact same words that are said on screen.